How safe is youtube?

tips for parents

YouTube is a dangerous playschool playground without adult supervision

When you need to learn how to do something you've never done before you probably search for a video on YouTube on how to do whatever it is that you're trying to do. When you're waiting on a friend or maybe sitting in a waiting room in a DR's office you most likely instinctively pull out your phone and start watching videos on YouTube. And if your the parent of a kid that's having a hard time sitting still just for a moment so you can get something done you also most likely instinctively pull your phone out and go to YouTube but instead of sitting down and watching it yourself you search for a kid friendly video and hand the phone over. Then after you hear the first thing that made you do a double take and say to yourself "did they just say...?" you quickly take your phone back and you download YouTube Kids thinking that it must be safe, I mean it says its for kids in it's name right? Wrong.

Youtube kids isn't safe either.

For some demented individuals YouTube Kids is an even bigger target, if anything it makes it even easier for them because they know that anyone watching the videos on it are going to be their intended victims. But It's ok cause youtube wouldn't allow videos full of harmful messages on a platform meant for kids right? Well technically that's right, but only because they only check the first 30 seconds or so of each video and as long as everything looks ok within those 30 seconds then they upload it for the millions of school age users to see.

This flawed method of checking videos has been brought up before but even after countless reports of kids being exposed to traumatic videos that started out like any other video but had another video mixed in halfway through of a man showing how to slit your own wrist. It's just one of many examples easily found online. And that's just on YouTube kids, the main YouTube app is even worse as it is a complete free for all and "content creators" even those that upload videos meant for kids are held to 0 standards and what's appropriate is left to their discretion.

Imagine If the samething were to happen on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, of course it wouldn't because they adhere to strict rules set by the Federal Government. Shouldn't YouTube be held to the same standards?


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