You have to unblock someone to block someone?.

a big safety risk in the online multiplayer ROBLOX

In a previous post I wrote about safety concerns I had about the popular online multiplayer ROBLOXyou can read my post here. The biggest one was about how ROBLOX limits how many people you can block. A high danger risk on ROBLOX I was made aware after my niece told me about another player that was bothering her in the game, I told her to block them like I taught her but then she said she couldn’t block him because she's blocked too many people. I emailed their Vice President of safety. You might need to zoom in if you're reading on a mobile device

I'm sure they have programmers highly more skilled than me & even I know how to remove the limit & if they really wanted to they would've done it by now & at that point I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere if anything bothering her instead of getting my concerns across to her so I left it at that. Hopefully it doesn't take a tragedy for ROBLOX to act.


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