Consumer or Consumed?

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Technology has taken over our lives and the settings to regain control are deeply hidden.

Are we consumers or have we been consumed Companies like Facebook spend millions if not billions every year trying to keep us using their apps, watching their videos, or browsing their catalogs for as long as possible and their trillion dollar market valuations prove they have suceeded. Although It's become cliche to say it isn't a lie that we are living in the digital age.

We use social media as a therapist and bestfriend.

We feel more comfortable telling a status box our problems than we do a close friend or family member. We create pages dedicated to our likes and dislikes, our interests, our favorite shows, and then include a collection of all of our friends and family. Sometimes it even seems like the only reason some of us even step foot outside is to share it online. If you go to any tourist attraction Times Square, The Eiffel Tower, or The Hollywood Sign & try to find one person who is not gazing into a phone not even getting to enjoy the moment they're showing off to the world.

We give our information to big tech companies, without asking ourselves how is it that a company like Facebook is able to in their words > “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”

without charging for any of their services. Now when you stop and think about it you probably would say they make money through Ads and you're partly correct. Despite making millions from Ads companies like Facebook & Google make the most money with the information you freely provide to them. Most people don't know that once you upload a photo to facebook or Instagram you are giving them part ownership of the photo to freely use it in any way they seem fit no matter if your profile is private or not. Same goes for private messages and DM's. Every "private" message you have sent no matter how personal has been used to profit off any of the information in its words.

Google is just as guilty, have you ever talked about something with a friend only to look at your phone a few minutes later and see an AD for the very thing you were just talking about? It's no coincidence it's Big tech invading your every day life to make a billion or two.

In today's world it isn't an option to merely avoid using any of their services to try and maintain your privacy, even job interviews have moved from an office to a skype call. So do you have no choice but to fork over every piece of your life and let big tech listen in on your conversations? Not quite, you see when sign up for a site like FB you are entering into a contract acting as a consumer & they are providing their services to you the consumer only in this case you aren't paying with money you're paying with your data and just like any other contract there are terms and conditions. Now those terms and conditions lay out your rights and your options when it comes to your privacy. Thats right you have options actually more like "privacy settings" but they don't make these settings easy to find because the less data they can get from you the less money they make. We aim to make it easier, teaching you how to keep a check on tech and helping you find your way to your in this digital age.


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