Facebook is invading everyone's privacy, & there's NO opting-out.

zuckerberg testifies infront of congress about user data concerns On April 10 2018 Marc Zuckerberg sat in front of congress and tried to make invasion of privacy seem like it was no big deal and shouldn't even be a problem because users consented to Facebook's collection of personal information when they clicked I agree to the Terms & conditions & signed up for an account.By clicking that check box harmless as it may seem, you're giving Facebook permission to collect information about what websites you visit, places you've been, and who you hang out with and for the actual Facebook app it doesn't just stop at what you post but even those personal private messages get sent to Facebook to read and extract any information they can use & if there isn't any info they can use it gets stored until they can. You can't get mad though you did consent to it remember, but what if you didn't and you couldn't simply opt-out because you had no account & no "privacy" settings. On the second day of talks one of the congressman asked if they collect information from non Facebook users and Mark Zuckerberg said " Facebook collects data on non-users primarily for security reasons".

Facebook's policy on tracking non facebook users

If someone doesn't have a Facebook account that means they never consented to having their information collected and yet Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg became the world's youngest "self made" billionare in part by using the data he didn't have permission to collect in the first place. That's just not right.

See what data Facebook has about you.

Click here to request a copy of your Facebook data.

For non Facebook users after clicking on the link above look for "this doesn't answer my question" at the bottom of the page. Click to reveal the form. (see image below)

request you facebook data if you don't have an account


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