TikTok app privacy & safety review

tips for parents
What is TikTok?Users make short videos of themselves dancing & doing random things
Is TikTok safe for kids?No (Explained below)
Recommended min. Age16

Although it may all seem in good fun there is hidden dangers in the TikTok app.

TikTok Logo

Open the TikTok app & the vibrant colors and flashy lights make you want to dance like no one is watching. Which is exactly what the creators of musica.ly ( which is now TikTok ) intended. The problem however is that not only is someone watching but millions of people are watching and while most of them are just another 12 year old doing a silly dance. There is a growing number of anonymous predators watching & to them they aren't watching kids doing silly dances. To these predators it's a hunting ground & they're watching their prey.

Despite a minimum age requirement of 13 it is not enforced which has led to the app becoming the current trend among kids as young as 8 to college students. Without any moderation & with rules mainly focusing on copyright infringment these younger users are left to fend off the predators which is becoming increasingly more difficult & often time users don't even realize the person asking them to do a a silly dance is actually someone much older than them.


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