Instagram Safety & Privacy FAQ

Social Mediatips for parents
What is instagramPhotosharing social media app
Official Min. age13 (Not Enforced)
Suggested Min. Age18
WarnigsUsers often have second accounts under fake names
Privacy warningsFacebook owns instagram + Data is collected from both & merged

For young adults still insecure about themselves instagram is a recipe for disaster.

Low self esteem + Photo & Video Sharing + Need for validation via likes = BAD BEHAVIOR

Endlessly scrolling past photoshopped images of skinny models & videos of supposed glamorous lifestyles can leave some users feeling less of themselves. Of course no one's life is actually the way they make it seem on their instagram, but users will go to extreme lengths to make it appear to be. All for a like and a follow. This makes for a high risk enviroment for someone seeking validation.


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